I'm Cristina, a twenty-something-year-old wedding photographer who is happiest when using the right side of my brain, paired with a coffee in my hand. I live out in the middle of nowhere, in a small town in Upstate New York, with my family, 3 dogs and a few ducks. 

I take my coffee cold with cream, sugar and a shot of espresso, and prefer chicken nuggets over a burger any day. There is no shame in my Netflix game, binge-watching  anything from Judge Judy, to The Simpsons, to alien conspiracy shows. 


hey you,









meet the team

 there is SO much heart behind our work here at CFP, and I'm lucky enough to also call my team members my dear friends as well. We can't wait to work with you, and I know you'll love the team just as much as i do! 

- Cristina

my go-to girl when it comes to photo management! Staci handles and sorts through all of the photos to ensure they are in tip-top shape for delivery!

What started off as an internship, turned into something beautiful! Samarah has blown away everyone away with her beautifully curated style and technique! 

With an infectious laugh, ashley is sure to keep you smiling throughout your entire wedding. With an eye for detail and never being afraid to jump in, this girl is no joke when it comes to weddings!

The "oG" of CFP! my professor, turned mentor, turned right-hand-man! Greg has taught me everything i know about photography!