wedding photographer, educator, 
Newly engaged myself &
heavy drinker (iced coffee, of course!)
 in my spare time, you'll probably
find me snacking on popcorn with hot sauce & watching Alien Conspiracy Shows on DVR.

let's get familiar!

(without the "h"!)


I'm Cristina,

I am happiest using the left side of my brain, but I also thrive on organization, coordination and order.
Being a wedding photographer allows me to bring to life and capture beautiful moments, while also taking a hands-on approach to the wedding itself, ensuring that your day runs just as smoothly, seamlessly and beautifully as your photography experience. 

If you've found yourself here, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed in the wedding planning process. So many decisions and so much to plan. I want this to be a fun and exciting experience, and my goal is to help you in any way I can. Rest assure, you've found a friend, so let's dive right in, and let's cross "wedding photography" off your list together.
are ya with me?

um, yeah!

The Buzz

real people, real reviews







Cristina was given her first DSLR camera & started taking photos of her friends for fun

posts photos on facebook, lands first paying "gig" - for $20

cristina booked her very first wedding...and almost turned it down

cristina enrolls in a photography class at a local college, taught by this guy named greg

cristina shadows greg at a wedding he booked...and nothing has been the same since!

Cristina Graduates with a bachelors degree in graphic & multimedia design


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Cristina lands a teaching position at sUNY canton, guessed it, photography

joins cFP!

Cristina Graduates with a masters degree in instructional design

logo & website got a major overhaul, and became what you see today!

with 70+ under our belt, cristina goes back to school to Pursue her masters. cue the coffee!

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What's next?
not sure, but we're excited!


CFP celebrates 100 weddings!!!

they say everything happens for a reason!

Our Story

oh hey, that's me!

are we a perfect match?

You May Be A CFP Bride If...

You May Be A CFP Bride If...

The thought of including your dog in your wedding photos has seriously crossed your mind.

The Details Are Important To You, Even The Little Ones, And You Want To Make Sure They Are Captured Too!

You're looking for an experience, rather than just a transaction.

You've Probably Already Tried Out One Of Those Online Wedding Hashtag Generators.

The uPS guy probably knows you by name.

creating a wedding-day timeline, making sure that everything flows seamlessly, is important to you. 

You value the idea of getting the shot just right.

90's Hits Are Definitely On Your DJ Must-Have Playlist!

Your Pinterest Board Is Filled With Fun & Beautiful Wedding Day Inspiration.

An Old Creepy Guy With A Camera Following You Around On Your Wedding Day Is Not Your Thing. 

You can't wait to spend the rest of your life with your best friend by your side!

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